RAISE Runs a Half Marathon for Magic Breakfast By Jemima Faux

RAISE is about more than just elevating your snacking experience. RAISE elevates everything; from marginalised communities to peoples lunch breaks. It even has the power  to uplift you whilst running a half marathon!

A few weeks ago I attended my first RAISE event since starting the job back in November. It was an exhilarating day filled with an abundance of snacks, laughter, encouragement, and sweat!
Led by experienced runner, Jonty, everyone was in good hands to run around London taking in the sites and also the stores RAISE is stocked in. It was inspiring to witness the power of RAISE in creating a vibrant and welcoming environment, reinforcing the connection between our brand and the active lifestyle we promote. The event brought together a diverse group of runners, each contributing to the vibrant energy of the day. The pace was set to allow for chats and shared laughter along the trail and with pit stops strategically placed to refuel us with RAISE snacks and CanO Water, our energy levels remained high throughout the run. Everyone was also fuelled on by the knowledge that our efforts were contributing to a greater cause through our partnership with Magic Breakfast.

Magic Breakfast is an amazing UK charity which provides over 200,000 daily nutritious breakfasts to children in need.  During the period from the 5th to the 18th of February, for every packet of RAISE purchased at Sainsbury's, we donated a meal to a hungry child in the UK, supporting their learning journey. As a result of our run, we were able to donate a total of 3,069 breakfasts and provide wrap-around support to children in Magic Breakfast schools. It is amazing to work for a brand where you can see the direct impact it is having on other communities and be given the opportunity to learn so much more about the amazing work that Magic Breakfast is doing, and how RAISE is contributing to this.

We all finished the morning off with goody bags myself and Chester had put together the day before, filled with other amazing brands such as Bold Bean, and MOMO Kombucha. Coupled with a few bits of RAISE merch for the runners, everyone left feeling well and truly elevated!!

The run solidified my understanding of RAISE as more than just a snack company; it's a movement dedicated to inspiring healthier, happier communities and encouraging individuals to reach new heights. Thank you to everyone who participated and supported us on this incredible journey. Here's to many more miles and moments of elevation with RAISE.

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